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Thanks for the feedback guys! What is the meaning of GLHF? It stands for “Good Luck, Have Fun”. So, when people write GL HF or GLHF while chatting, posting on social media sites and so on then that means “Good Luck, Have Fun”. What Does GL HF Mean?

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2016-11-03 · So, when people write GL HF or GLHF while chatting, posting on social media sites and so on then that means “Good Luck, Have Fun”. It is mostly used in the internet conversation like chats, messages, posts, emails and so on to end the conversation in a good manner or used as a salutation at the beginning of online games. This page about a StarCrafts episode. For the StarCrafts Mod soundtrack of the same name, please visit GLHF.

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Gl hf origin

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Gl hf origin

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Gl hf origin

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The "gl hf" pregame stuff definitely started back in War2. I remember typing "gl hf" over Kali. I'm not sure about "gg" though, that might be a Starcraft thing.
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